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The Maldives: Photo Library

We have 4 great image libraries for the Maldives for you to really see what the Maldives are all about. These have been supplied courtesy of Travel Match Ltd. Please DO NOT try to copy images as all images are copyright and CANNOT be copied. Enjoy!

Maldives: The People
Visit a local village, shop for wonderful native masks and artifacts, visit the local markets, visit a local school, watch a fire dance performance, learn the local language and legends..   make friends with your waiter.. Maldivians are a wonderful warm and caring people..




Maldives: The Destination
Luxury accommodation, incredible azure seas, stunning beaches, quiet, peace +  solitude = heaven! Seafood to die for with the  best of  white wines -  or NZ lamb - or a fiery curry with a good Aussie red - or a dinner for 2 on the beach - your choice.. 



The People of the Maldives

Maldives - the Destination

Picture Gallery for people of the Maldives
Picture Gallery for the Maldives destination






Maldives: Marine Activities
Swim with majestic Manta Rays or Whale Sharks, learn to dive, go diving, take a Dolphin spotting tour, swim with reef Sharks, go night fishing and cook it on return on the bbq, go beach-combing at low tide, snorkel over a living coral reef..and more.. much much more 




Maldives: The Experience
The Maldives is renown for relaxation, health and well-being ..recharge the batteries.. eat, sleep, read a book - or not - swim - snorkel - or not - or take a nap - again.. or a massage, a body scrub, a Spa, some Yoga or and Tai Chi, or need a new nail job..its all here...



The Maldives amazing marine life

Maldives - the Experience

Picture Gallery for Flora & Fauna of the Maldives
Picture Gallery for the Maldives experience


A local crab with his own portable home!
Beautiful flowers in the Maldives

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