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The Maldives: *Weddings (*Renewal of Vows) & Honeymoons in the Maldives

You cannot actually get legally married in the Maldives - but you can get married in Sri Lanka - a short 1 1/2 hour flight away - and honeymoon here in the Maldives - or - you can take a "Renewal of Vows" ceremony in the Maldives to renew your wedding vows. The Maldives of course is probably the most glorious place on earth to do this!

And of course, there probably is no more romantic and beautiful a destination on earth for your honeymoon - so you get the ideal "2 for 1"  - a wedding in nearby Sri Lanka and honeymoon in the Maldives - or a "Renewal  of Vows" ceremony in the Maldives and a second honeymoon as well!

Whatever your choice - your wedding in Sri Lanka and honeymoon in the Maldives - or a renewal of vows in Maldives and 2nd honeymoon here - we can tailor make a UNIQUE itinerary for you from start to finish - perfectly designed - with your special requests and input along with your budget as our priority.

The Maldives also is the perfect honeymoon destination if you have opted for a traditional wedding back in wintery (or at least rainy!) UK, where you can finally relax and put all those wedding nerves and organisational hassles behind you - kick back, relax and unwind, with your new husband (or bride!) in the secluded aquatic paradise that is the Maldives. Swim and snorkel  in the stunning sparkling turquoise sea, have 1 (or many!) couples' spa treatments, and dine on succulent freshly-caught seafood - along with a cocktail or chilled chardonnay as the sun sets...

The Maldives is world renown for its superbly indulgent spa and health and 'well-being' treatments, as well as being arguably the top diving destination in the world with its magnificent unspoilt coral reefs and an amazing array of aquatic inhabitants including the beauty and wonder of diving with Manta Rays and Whale Sharks. 

Suggestions for Maldives "Renewal of Vows" Ceremony:
As in the UK, A Maldivian "Renewal of Vows" ceremony is a symbolic act of commitment between married couples who want to celebrate in a unique and personal way their original vows, their married years together and to renew their commitment and love for each other. A Maldives 'Renewal of Vows' ceremony is a perfect way for couples to refresh their past promises and love to each other, and nowadays this ceremony is becoming very popular as a romantic ceremonial blessing of wedding vows recently made - perhaps back in the UK. 

Many Maldives Resorts offer exceptionally unique 'Renewal of Vows' ceremonies with an amazing and bewildering(!), range of options and inclusions - ranging from really extravagant productions right down to simple quiet affairs, from walkways on the beach leading to flower filled pavilions at sunset - to private offshore islands, deserted pristine 'talcum powder' white sand cays with a candlelit champagne dinner for two, or an original Maldivian dhow (sailing boat) on the calm resort lagoon at sunset with your own chef - a luxury couple's spa treatment with scented oil baths and champagne breakfast the following morning - the choices and inclusions are quite amazing. Just about anywhere is perfect for your ceremony as the Maldives IS as beautiful and as peaceful as as it looks in all the photographs and videos!

Many couples opt for traditional inclusions in their ceremonies such as traditional Maldivian wedding dress and a traditional tree planting ceremony, where the couple can plant a coconut palm to celebrate their love and togetherness. Also generally accompanying these more traditional ceremonies are fully costumed drummers in traditional dress who escort the couples from all sides to the wedding area, where they beat their drums and perform the traditional Maldivian Bodu-beru dance.

A good idea for your beach ceremony is to take a simple (but elegant!) long sleeve white shirt (and slacks as a backup), preferably drip dry non-crease cotton (or linen) for the man. Most couples opt for traditional Maldives dress for the ceremony - a tropical sarong for the man (which he matches with his  white shirt) and a simple Maldivian dress for the woman (who usually choses it upon arrival at the resort). Like the mans attire, it is always a good backup plan for the ladies to bring an additional simple little outfit (!?) or dress just in case...

Most Maldives Renewal of Vows ceremony packages include:
   Champagne or sparkling wine
   The Ceremony - performed by a Master of Ceremonies
   Wedding Cake
   Flowers and bouquets
   Photographs and video

So. Weddings, Renewal of Vows and Honeymoons in the Maldives. How. Where. When. What to take. Who to tell. Who to help you! - Us! We know this is one of the greatest times of your life - and you want everything just right. No dramas, no mistakes, no letdowns, no suprises.

That's what we do. Exemplary planning and execution, working with you to design the perfect experience. And its all part of our award winning service. So - try us We wont let you down! 

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